Pop the bubbly and pull up a chair, because you’ve officially arrived.

I’m so excited for you because uncovering your AIM is the first step to turning your business into a masterful brand.

I also know this may also be the first time you’ve really come face to face with the beating heart of your brand’s gifts, challenges, and values….

… And I can’t wait to reveal it all to you.

I hope you’re as amped as I am. Because this is the first step that can change everything.

Are you ready? It’s time to get started.

Step 1

You’ll get an email from us shortly confirming your payment has been processed (in fact, it might already be in your inbox right now). Don’t see it? Check your spam box. If it’s still M.I.A., drop us a line at [email protected].

Step 2

If you completed the BAQ 


You’ll get an email from us within the next 24 hours with your login information for the Master Brand Portal which will contain your AIM/BAQ results. If you don’t see it within 24 hours, drop us a line at [email protected]


You have not talem the BAQ


You’ll get an email in the next few minutes with access to your Master Brand Portal, where you have access to:


Your Archetype Indicator Mix (AIM) Assessment. Most people tell us this is the most exciting part of their journey through the full Master Brand course. NOTE: There is a link in the module that says “Read this before taking your assessment”. Please read that in full so you complete it in a way that allows you to get the very best results.


Once you finish the AIM, your unique Dominant, Intrinsic and Intuitive Archetype reports will be populated in the Master Brand Members site. You can view and download them from there….” 


What are you waiting for? It’s time to find out who you really are — as a brand, a business owner, and a leader.


I can’t wait to share what I’ve got waiting for you.